Landscape Products


We offer agricultural grade compost which is screened to 40mm. This can be useful as mulch in the garden to suppress weeds or as a soil improver.


Our chip is produced from arboricultural waste and virgin timber. Because of this, there are no contaminants such as nails or plastics and it contains little to no green matter. It will eventually degrade and blend into the soil without residue making it appropriate for muddy gateways etc. but can also be used for footpaths or other surfaces and in the garden as mulch.

It is available in various grades and is primarily made from softwood, although oak is also available.


Occasionally, screened top soil made from decomposed lawn turf is available to collect.

Cattle Bedding

In conjunction with local farmers, the cooperative is trialling the use of virgin woodchip in place of straw bedding. This is thought to have economic and health benefits based on work by the Argyll Small Woods Cooperative.

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